David J. Perdue

David J. Perdue, like many others, played with LEGO sets as a young child. However, LEGO MINDSTORMS became David's main hobby when he picked up a LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Invention System. Immediately, he saw that he had a natural talent with the set. He purchased thousands of pieces, spent countless hours building and programming, and devoured thousands of pages of documentation to learn as much as he could. After passing the beginner stage, David let loose his imagination and won three Special Mention awards for his creations, from the LEGO MINDSTORMS web site within a period of less than six months. He then went on to become a devout LEGO computer-aided design (CAD) fan, and uses the system to document his creations.

David currently resides in the Austin, Texas area, where he builds, writes, programs, and updates his web site at www.davidjperdue.com.

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